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The Generation of Smart Network

QQOIN Blockchain    QQOIN USDT Deposit    QQOIN USDT Withdrawal    QQOIN QQ Deposit    QQOIN QQ Withdrawal     
What Is Q-Qoin?
Blockchain Technology

Q-Qoin is a Blockchain Technology

Q-Qoin is a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform designed for developing a smart contract platform that seeks to provide more sophisticated features than the previously developed protocol.

Q-Qoin uses X15 algorithm, and X15 is one of the most modern and complicated types of the “X” series algorithms. This feature makes it extremely resistant to hacking attacks. To hack the entire system, invaders have to pass through all 15 functions, developers simply define this issue and improve that function to make it more resistant. Security is one of the largest advantages of this algorithm. Using a new Algorithm called X15, which is scalable low cost, secure, and efficient than every other algorithm with energy consumption and heat for miners. Q-Qoin it’s the first and largest cryptocurrency developed entirely in Rusia and development using Q-Network Chain.

With Q-Network Chain, Q-Qoin will become faster transaction confirmation times and also we improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. Of course with substantial industry support, trade volume, and liquidity. Q-Qoin can be next Top 100 in the crypto market.

The total amount of Q-Qoin is 89.999.999.999 QQ. There is no more increase.

Networkchain Technology

Q-Network Chain Technology

The Development of a transparent network that is similar to the existing Blockchain Technology. This is the latest concept we have in the world today.

Simply, A global online database — one that can be used by anyone around the world connected to the internet. Unlike other databases that are usually owned by certain institutions such as banks or government, Q-Network Chain does not belong to anyone. Make it more transparent because it can be accessed by anyone.

Q-Network Chain upgraded technology while preserving the original features of Blockchain Technology. Adding on new techniques – faster transaction speed, more efficiently applied in the field of daily payments. Besides, it raises the storage size and the block-out speed of each block to an optimum value, to follow segwit and increase the usage of block unit storage. With Q-Network Chain, Amount of Q-Qoin distributed and their movement can be tracked through the Q-Networkchain. And where each member can check all activities of each account that makes transactions, do a transaction, recruits new members, receives bonuses, withdraws balance, etc.

Advantageous of Q-Qoin

As you know well, Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency similar to the other cryptocurrency coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and money more. It is also promoted as the money built for the internet users.

However, unlike the other coins whose price continually goes up and down, USDT is a stable coin. This feature helps tether stand out amongst the other currencies. It is a cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar and backed 1:1 ratio. Presently, the Tether is being supported only by US dollar. It’s an interesting form of currency and the primary goal of this token is to facilitate a fixed-rate transaction between the crypto exchange platforms.

At this time, Tether (USDT) volume trading is really high demand to buy and sell USDT right now, its trading volume has surpassed US $ 3 billion over the past 24 hours. This does show that all of the cryptocurrency markets are heading in their current direction as of right now. According to a report, Tether is the world’s 15th highest market cap cryptocurrency in the world.

This cryptocurrency has amassed 2 billion dollars. This is a positive trend in general. When it is the biggest trading market for USDT, It's an interesting trend, well worth keeping an eye on. Based on all the evidence above, Q-Qoin decided to choose to pair up with Tether (USDT).


As more and more cryptocurrencies appear in the market every day, there is further demand for transparency and verification from investors both new and existing. However, for an industry that is seemingly growing, the marketplace is not without its critics. Often people hesitate to invest in the cryptocurrency because of transparency issue.

Our first priority is to be trustworthy, One of the most important benefits of this Q-Qoin is that it has brought the much-needed clarity in the crypto world. Moreover, The price of a symbol is equivalent to a 1 Q-Qoin = 1 USDT which washes away all kind of doubts in the buyer’s mind. And Q-Qoin limited has promised to control and manage the coins reserve now and then which is also increase the transparency. We will shares the detail of all coins in transaction publicly which reaffirms people believe in the cryptocurrency.

Reliable and Secure

The Q-Qoin works on the Q-Network Chain network that makes it one of the most secure system.

Thus, while purchasing or selling coins on the network, you need not be worried about the security. At the same time, Q-Network Chain can provide very high levels of security if used, Somewhat reliable, Mostly reliable.

Our Ecosystem

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Our Strategy

Within 3 Years, Our Strategy is to ensure 70 % the coins of the total supply to the global market will be distributed.

With Concept 3 (Three) For 1 (One) ICO + Affiliate + Network Marketing.

We realize the speed of distribution and circulation of coins can be quickly achieved it has a collaboration between developers and all members. Therefore, we launched the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) concept and we provided opportunities for miners through the Q-Smart Contract plan with commensurate rewards up to 0.99%.

Speed of Development and distribution is our priority. thru our Q-smart program that is developed with the affiliate and network marketing methods, We want to take this opportunity to introduce and successfully bring our new products to the world wider community.

Smart Programs
Our Smart Contract Plan

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Referral Bonus 1 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 5 Level
Network Bonus Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reward Achievement N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Trader Feature N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Weekly Bonus Withdraw N/A 50 QQ 500 QQ 2500 QQ 5000 QQ
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News And Informations
Team and Supports

Our first priority is to be a reliable, trustworthy and customer-driven platform.We will do our best to support every customer in any issue that he could experience and to gather and make fruitful use of his feedback to improve the system. We will provide an internal ticket system and two Telegram channels: one for announcements and one for the community discussion. We will also publish regular announcements on VK and Twitter.

Moreover, in the attempt to offer a democratic environment, we will provide a voting mechanism which will be activated when any crucial decision related to a change in the use of the platform is required. The final decision will depend on the majority of the votes obtained.

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